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Digital Marketing – Roles and Strategy for Beginners 2019

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marketing strategy digital marketing

As internet becoming cheaper and faster, digital marketing taking place of offline marketing.

According to Pew Research, internet usage among adults increased by 21% in just the last five years.

Paw Research internet usage rate

The way people buying and selling products and services online, offline marketing doesn’t look effective like before.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a way or method to market products or services using digital tools with the help of internet.

Many companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter providing right services to reach huge number of audience and build valuable customers via digital marketing techniques.

This new marketing method not only helping companies but also customers by getting complete knowledge with the help of guides, reviews, images and videos available at their fingertips so, they can decide before buying any products or subscribe to services.

In this new era, digital marketing playing major role in brand building and acquiring clients trustworthy.

How digital marketing work? And ways a business can adopt it.

There are numerous digital tactics and channels are there to reach and connect audiences.

Not all digital marketing campaign supports to all business. You have to pick based on your services or products. Most of the experience digital marketers knows which and how digital marketing campaign supports their goals.

You can use free and paid channels, depend on your budget and audience and there are many types of digital marketers are there, whom you can consult for different campaigns.

For example, a content marketer creates series of blog posts which generates leads from the eBook which company recently created. Social media marketer then helps to promote that blog posts or eBook through paid and organic posts on business’s social media profiles. And the email marketer creates and send email campaigns to subscribers to download the eBook.

Now, let us discuss about some different types of digital marketing techniques you can leverage into your business.

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is a technique to drive traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing by increasing quantity and quality through search results.

How Search Engine Optimization Works?

Let’s discuss this with major traffic techniques which Google concentrate more.

  • When a user searches with keywords about his interest and Google suggests your website link along with other websites. If user click on your link and the content you are providing not relevant, then user leaves your site in seconds. And next time user will not click your link. This signals Google that you’re not providing a quality link.
  • To rank higher in search engines, building quality links are very important than any other SEO techniques.
  • Now assume if you are providing right and best content exactly what user is looking for. What happens next? User visits your site again and again to get more information from your site and he might recommend your website to others by sharing your site link. In that time, number of clicks to your website increases and Google thinks you are providing great content to your visitors and gives the higher ranking and suggest your site to those who are searching with same or similar words around the world.
  • All above points are the ways to drive organic traffic. But usually it takes more time. If you ready to spend some dollars from your pocket to increase ranking in Google, you can choose Google AdSense.

#2 Social Media Marketing:

Number of social media users increasing day by day and companies spending more money in social media marketing. Social media marketing allows you to reach the wider audience in just hours. Some social media platforms allow you to interact with your customers queries and provide better services.

There are many platforms, I will go in brief with few here that how you can use those platforms.

  • Facebook: Best to share images, videos and blog post links to drive traffic to your website and facebook also provide inbuilt shopping page where you can sell your products and services.
  • Twitter: Best micro blogging site to share images, videos, links along with short explanation.
  • LinkedIn: This is best known for B2B promotion. LinkedIn not only helps you to sell your services and products to businesses but also helps to analyzing your competitor’s strategies.
  • Instagram: Best for ecommerce business.
  • You can use this platform to provide best visual experience along with short explanation to your users.
  • Pinterest: Like Instagram you can visualize your products to customers. But this has its own limitations than Instagram.

All those above platforms provide advertising services to reach your users. I will explain in my later posts that how you can drive organic traffic from social media platforms without spending much on advertising.

#3 Content Marketing: 

Even though there are so many SEO strategies and online customer acquisition techniques available, content plays major role.

“Content is always the king.”

Yes, nothing can overtake content, in fact you can’t build any digital marketing strategies without content. Either its few lines, an image, video or a blog post with thousands of words, you need to focus on content.

Writing and publishing quality blog posts with lots of images, videos, providing eBooks and whitepapers regularly with your customers shows about your knowledge on the service or products you provide.

You can even share Infographics.

Infographics is the modern type of content marketing. It’s a form of visual content where you can visualize the concept to your readers.

#4 Affiliate Marketing:

This is type of advertising where you share commission with someone who promote your products or services in their website.

This can be anything like adding advertisement link or image in YouTube video or blog pages. Posting links in social media.

Sponsors write and review about your service or products in return of some of some money.

#5 Email Marketing:

Is email marketing dead?

No and I can say, it will never die. Because all the companies in the world use email marketing as a way of communicating with their customers and employees.

Use email to promote content, provide discount coupons, details about events and to redirect people to your website.

You can send many types of email marketing campaign based on your business and products or services you offer.

Campaigns can be subscription newsletters, follow-up emails to those who downloaded eBooks or tools or signed-up for services listed in your website.

They can be coupons to your loyalty program members or some tips and tricks.

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