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Hello, my name is Sanjay.

After my graduation, I worked in various sectors and technologies. I worked in Application Packaging, Infrastructure Automation, Front-end and WordPress development. Also, quite some time I worked as instructor in an institute where I was teaching programming to kids.

I started E-Commerce journey since 2013 and web development since 2009 (In my college days).

I also have many failure startups stories. I started a web designing agency in 2010 and failed because of lack of funding. Later in 2013 I started E-Commerce web applications development company for offline retail stores. At that time eCommerce is new to many and I failed again to convince small business owners.

Even with failures, I don’t want to give up craze on my entrepreneurship journey. As I know WordPress development, thought to share all my knowledge on E-Commerce for free.

The reason I created “Techie Method.”

I believe in slow and study race, so I will write only 1-2 articles in a month. But I will put maximum efforts to provide right and valuable information to you.

If you have any queries and need any help to build your E-Commerce store, write to me @ I will try to respond ASAP.

Thank You 😊

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